Friday, March 5, 2010

Do You Need Mandatory Continuing Education for Re-Licensure?

Yes...30 hours worth! The Pennsylvania State Board is implementing this process in a cyclical manner (see table below). You do not need to submit CE certificates with your renewal form but must keep the documents for 5 years for auditory purposes. If you do not complete the 30 hours your license will be renewed but you will incur fines. You then have 6 months to complete the CE or be subject to disciplinary action from the Board.

See for more information.
If your expiration date on your license is:
Then you must obtain 30 hours of Board Approved CE from:
October 31, 2010
11/1/08 through 10/31/10
April 30, 2011
5/1/09 through 4/30/11
October 31, 2011
11/1/09 through 10/31/11
April 30, 2012
5/1/10 through 4/30/ 12
Villanova offers CE in a variety of formats -

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